There are so many online resources for creative inspirations or endeavors.  These are just a few of my favorites.


Origami Spirit by Leyla Torres - Wonderful tutorials for all folding experience levels.
UR Fleurogami - Beautiful site with wonder photos and information on a variety of models from various designers.
Origami Maniacs - Fun filled site with a wide variety of origami.
Happy Folding by Sara Adams - It includes amazing videos and instructions.
Have Paper, Will Travel  by members of the Westcost Origami Guild, Pacific Ocean Paperfolders, Origami Paperfolders of San Diego, Origami USA and hte Origami Interest Group (O-List) - One of my favorite features of this site is the Sunday Funnies.  Who could resist origami comics?
OrigamiUSA - American national society devoted to origami.  Membership is worth every dollar.
BOS - The British Origami Society is a group devoted to the art of paper folding.
For other regions, the Origami Resource Center has a comprehensive list of organizations around the world.


Origamee - Origami by Meenakshi Mukerji - One of my favorite designers.
Lang Origami - Origami by Robert J. Lang - Amazing, award winning origami designer.
goorigami by Maria Sinayskaya - Wonderful tutorials, diagrams and pictures from not only her own creations but a variety of origami designers.
Nick Robinson - Origami by Nick Robinson.
The Origami Forum - A wealth of information about all things origami.
Origami Didactics and Research - A wealth of information about all things origami maintained by Nick Robinson.

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