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Jennifer Shafley

In 2013, I started this blog as a way to keep track of my favorite origami models and where I originally found the diagrams. It has grown quite a bit since then and has undergone several remodels to accommodate new hobbies and interests. In it's latest iteration you can find my musings on a variety of crafty endeavors. Please email me or comment if you have any questions.

The best thing I ever did

is my daughter Caitlin.  She now in high school. She has little interest in my crafty explorations, but is a frequent participant in my board game shenanigans.  You can usually find her listening to music, writing fan fiction, making jokes, laughing, fixing laptops, geeking out on whatever the new YouTube craze is, mastering the latest video game, or with her nose buried in a book.

My biggest fan

is my boyfriend, John.  We have been together over four years.  He is always helping me with photos for my blog or giving me feedback on projects I am working on.

My day job

is working for a large worldwide company, teaching people how to use different technology tools and techniques.  Can you believe they pay me to play with computers all day?  I very lucky to be able to work with wonderful people.  I do travel a bit from time to time and meet great people.

Random Jennifer facts:

has an unreasonable love of pie
grew up an Air Force brat
lived in: Florida, Germany, Texas, North Carolina and Michigan
has a brother
and a sister
owns more Steam games than a girl could possibly ever play
loves to sing along
hates condensation
and packing peanuts
thinks you should always Google it
favorite word is "audacity"
attended 3 different high schools and 3 different colleges
has been mistaken for a member of the grammar police
claims to be a Cowboys fan, but rarely watches a game
would only run if there was a zombie apocalypse
loves to cook
hates to clean
thinks that online/video/board gaming should count as a sport

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