Paper Crystals by David Mitchell : Book Review

Paper Crystals: How To Make Enchanting Ornaments From Simple Units Made Of Folding Paper by David Graham Mitchell
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There are some wonderful models in this book. I have made several of the models in this book. Pictures can be found below. There are a few models, I have yet to figure out. I love that almost all of the diagrams first show you the step, then show you what it looks like after the step. This makes it very easy to follow. I have only one small criticism. It is that mostly there are drawings of the finished models and sometimes black and white photos. There are no color photos. Sometimes especially with 3D models it is hard to get a sense of the finished model or it's depth from the drawings. This does make this book a bit less expensive than a lot of similar origami books (that do have color), but I think it would be worth the added cost to have a better idea of what the finished model looks like.

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